iCloud Does More for Users than Merely Back Up Pictures

Just about everyone who follows or uses technology has by now heard about the cloud revolution. The fact is that the technologies now collectively known as the cloud have been in use, in various ways, for a long time already. In recent years, though, the focus on remote provision of many services has intensified to the point that the label has become largely justified.

This can easily be seen in Apple’s iCloud service, a system that stands as the single most important and obviously visible to a great many people. With over 780 million users at last official report, iCloud is largely a distributed storage system. While this might make for a satisfying basic answer to the question as to just what is icloud, the fact is that it is also quite a bit more.

For one thing, iCloud does not only host the kinds of data that people typically associate with such remote storage. As icloud tips at sites like http://www.icloudlogin.com point out, iCloud also automatically takes on data like apps and configuration options that users add to their phones and computers. As a result, iCloud is not merely a storehouse for pictures from family trips and weddings, but also a place where an equally important backing up of data of markedly different kinds happens, as well.

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A visit to a site like what is in icloud account will show what this can mean for even the average user. For one thing, the loss or failure of an iPhone does not need to mean giving up the customization and carefully cultivated experiences that so many owners treasure. Once a new device has been acquired or an existing one has been returned to working order, restoring a backup from the cloud will allow for the same exact configuration to be achieved without any additional trouble.

That can turn out to matter a lot, too. Given how much attention many people pay to their personal devices today, putting dozens of hours into selecting apps to install and configuring them has easily become the norm. By allowing for a quick, reliable restoration from automatically created backup points, iCloud therefore makes life a lot easier for a great many Apple fans.

Of course, most people will still care even more about the ability to back up photographs, and there is nothing wrong with that, either. What is most important is that this consumer-focused cloud service does a lot more than many might expect it to and does it in ways that can really prove to be valuable.